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Anyone feeling overwhelmed by taxes!

With over 20 years’ experience looking after taxes and business administration for many musicians and small businesses, Jane MacArthur is the perfect choice to help musicians and performers with their finances. 

As a musician herself, Jane brings a wealth of understanding of the kinds of financial issues performers must contend with, such as keeping track of their self-employed income and expenses, utilising suitable technology to minimise your workload, working abroad, registering for VAT, etc.

Jane specialises in offering tax advice and tax return services to meet the accounting and tax needs of musicians, music teachers, orchestral players, soloists, performers, singers, composers and conductors, as well as actors, writers and other creatives. 

She can advise on the best structure for your chamber music ensemble, string quartet, wind or brass group and complete partnership or company accounting obligations as required, to ensure separation of your businesses and that you don’t have to register for VAT earlier than you might realise.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact Jane today for a conversation.